Community Health Activities

Peripheral Health Center

Such centres are being regularly conducted in and around the college in the Papum Pare District once in a Month. The responsibility of these centres in invested with one faculty being assisted by Internees as required. Medicines are also dispensed in these centres. Cases which require more investigations and management are referred to the Collegiate Hospital. The details of PHCs with working days and hours and the Medical Officer i/c are furnished below:

No. Place Working Days Time Medical Officer in- charge
1 Jully Village Tue 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Dr. KM Das
2 Jote Village Wed - -
3 Poma Village Wed - -
4 - Thurs - -
5 - Friday - -
6 - Friday - -
7 - Sunday - -

School Health Programme

A team of Teaching Faculties and Internees used to visit the nearby Primary Schools to give awareness to the Teachers and other staff about the salient features of Homoeopathy, health education etc and the students are subjected to health check-ups. The parents of such students as are required medical attention and treatment are informed accordingly. Children who need further check-up and treatment will be advised to College Hospital. Efforts are also made to correct the learning disabilities and other behavioural disorders, addictions, councelling for students with the help of their teachers.

Health Survey

It is being conducted as per the teaching programme of the final BHMS course under the Dept. of Community Medicine. A specific area- Sinki View/Water Purification Project is first found out and with the co-operation and involvement of the officials/personals of the Panchayat concerned. Each and every house of the locality is visited by the students under the guidance of faculty and necessary data in detail are collected in a prescribed format. These datas are analysed and patients are referred to College Hospital where they are been given treatment. Generally the local people will be given necessary advice in the matter of nutrition and hygiene. They will also be made aware of the health problems prevailing there.

Preventive Camps

The college has an Epidemic Control Cell under the convener ship of a teaching faculty. Whenever there is an epidemic outbreak anywhere in the native District, the Cell will rush to the place and study the cases for finding out the ‘genus epidemicus’. It will be instantly followed by distribution of prophylactic medicine to the people in peril by conducting preventive camps. These activities are done by the Internees. Necessary feed-back studies are also undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of the Homoeopathic Prophylaxis in the epidemic.

Medical Camps

Medical Camps are also conducted in different parts of Papum Pare District with the help of voluntary organizations. A college team will conduct a full day medical camp with distribution of medicine free of cost after necessary medical check-up. Follow up camps are also made according to necessity under direction to take continuous treatment from the College Hospital. Pamphlets/leaflets/brouchers related to public health homoeopathy and college hospital etc. are also distributed in all community health activities.